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The Many Benefits to Living in a Planned Community

There are few decisions as important as choosing the place you and your family will call home. From the town or city where it’s located, to people and places that make it a community, and of course the walls and rooms you’ll make your own… there…

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The Perfect Summer Day at Oakland Park

Sweet summertime is upon us… which means long days filled with fun in the sun. What does the perfect summer day look like at Oakland Park? We’re so glad you asked! Start Your Morning with a Walk on the West Orange Trail Wake up bright and early,…

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Calligraphy Workshop at Oakland Park

The Ladies of Oakland Park had a sweet treat with the private Calligraphy Workshop put on by Andi Mejia Calligraphy + Design this past Thursday! They learned how to make all things pretty and enjoyed each other’s company while creating…

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5 Reasons to Love Oakland Park

Oakland Park is everything Florida living should be. Our community offers the perfect balance of modern convenience and old Florida charm. Every little detail, from the planning and design to the preservation of the land, creates a sense of place that fosters social interaction and healthy living.

Here are just five reasons to love living in Oakland Park.

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Five Must-Do Outdoor Experiences around Oakland Park

Spring has sprung… and it’s time to enjoy the many outdoor experiences that our community has to offer. Whether you’re heading into town or exploring just outside your doorstep, Oakland Park residents are never far from their next outdoor…

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