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Architecture is the key to creating the look of an old-Florida town. So Oakland Park has reputable custom and production builders on board: David Weekley Homes, J & J Building, and RCB Homes. We’ve put standards and guidelines in place to ensure the beauty and integrity of Oakland Park will last for many generations to come. Select a builder below for more information.

Founded in Houston, Texas in 1976, David Weekley Homes has grown to become the largest privately-held home builder in the country. David Weekley Homes is passionate about building exceptional homes, and are committed to serving you, their fellow team members, and the communities in which they live and work with an uncompromising dedication to excellence.
Blue house with large porch.
J & J is a family-owned and operated full-service building and development company with over 60 years of combined general contracting, design, and business experience. When you build with J & J, you’re more than just a customer. You’re family. You’ll receive personal service from the builders/owners themselves, Jerry Miller and James Costello, building a strong relationship, as well as a beautiful home. That's the J & J difference.
Modern contemporary two-story house with courtyard and fountain.
RCB Homes always seek out the best craftsmanship at the best price. We offer custom design-build services to help clients with the planning and development of their dreams. Ensuring the quality of construction in our homes begins and ends with RCB owners and supervisory staff. Ownership is involved in all day to day activities and decisions. Supervisors manage only a limited number of homes and our subcontractors are only hired if they provide proven quality at a good price and take pride in their work. Many of our tradesman work primarily for RCB which has allowed us to develop a close and trusting relationship ensuring quality and efficiency.
Modern estate home.

Brierhill Homes, Inc. has emerged as one of Central Florida's finest custom home builders, continuing to set new standards for excellence, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction in the marketplace. In a housing market known for it's home building excellence, Brierhill Homes has been featured in various publications and noted for their superb craftsmanship and innovative home designs. The award-winning home building company has made its mark in many of Orlando's most prestigious residential communities and has established itself as one of the premier on-your-lot home builders. Few companies have had as much an impact on the custom market as Brierhill Homes, a family-owned company. Founder and President, David Rauh, has guided Brierhill Homes to the forefront of the area's custom housing picture and has positioned the Orlando-based company to be a major force for many years to come.

Great architecture creates atmosphere that endures for generations.

Our five primary styles are Colonial Revival, Victorian, Craftsman, Spanish Colonial and Florida Vernacular. These were all popular in Florida during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The variety gives residents plenty of choices to satisfy personal tastes and practical needs. The mixture of distinctive styles adds interest and a sense of permanence to every street. Garages are located behind the homes, serviced by rear alleys or driveways, contributing to the community’s aesthetic and pedestrian-friendly nature. And Oakland Park requires all of the homes within the community to be built to FGBC green certification standards, ensuring that the community is earth friendly, affordable to operate, and pleasant to live in.

During the earliest part of the twentieth century, much like today, there was a resurgence of the values and traditions of Colonial Architecture (Georgian, Federal, Adam, etc). Central Florida has many fine examples of these architectural styles and Colonial Revival is one of the most predominant styles in the area. Elements such as entry, cornice, and windows are adapted from Georgian and other earlier period styles to embellish these modest yet elegant homes. The strong presence of the Colonial Revival home is defined by the home’s main body symmetrical facade, a well detailed entry portico or full facade porch, and side wings that buttress the main body of the home. Typical for an Oakland Park Colonial Revival will be a street-facing gable end with a front porch, extending across the front facade. Other versions include a side-gable main body with an entry portico or one or two-story front porch, or an asymmetrical form where a porch terminates into a street-facing gable end protruding from the main body.
Colonial Revival Sketch
The Craftsman style’s finish framing, unique massing, and colorful palette provide our community with diversity and character. Generally, an Oakland Park Craftsman home will be a foursquare home where the main body width and depth are no more than 32 feet. The square volume of the main body may be capped with a simple hip roof, gable, or a four-sided gable. A front porch extends across the front facade. Other versions include a bungalow with a full facade front porch.
Craftsman Sketch
The Florida Vernacular style is an adaptation of the National style known for its practical details and construction. This style is the best suited for our warm sub-tropical climate with its broad overhangs and deep porches allowing for shade and slight breezes. Typically, an Oakland Park Florida Vernacular will be a street-facing gable end with a front porch extending across the front faade. Other versions include a side-gable main body with a one- or two-story full façade front porch; or an asymmetrical form where a porch terminates into a street-facing gable end.
Florida Vernacular Sketch
In Central Florida, the Folk Victorian style is a refinement of the Florida Vernacular style. This style utilizes the same massing and forms as Florida Vernacular with additional detail or ornamentation. Characteristic for an Oakland Park Folk Victorian will be a street-facing gable end with a front porch extending across the front façade. Other versions include a side-gable main body with a one- or two-story full façade front porch, or an asymmetrical form where a porch terminates into a street-facing gable end.
Folk Victorian Sketch
As the popularity of the Colonial Revival style increased during the early part of the century, the Spanish Colonial style became an attractive alternative in southeast Florida. Central Florida has many examples of this robust style ranging from small bungalows to lake-front estates. In some cases, the buildings would utilize elements from Mission and more formal European (Mediterranean) styles establishing architecture unique to our area.
Spanish Colonial Sketch